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Performance Dates
September 27, 2024 9:00 AM
Pittsburgh Playhouse

350 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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Performance Time
Friday, September 27; all-day event 
Doors open 9:00AM

Ticket Price
$25 Evening Only ticket - Entry permitted beginning at 4:30pm
$40 All Day ticket - Doors open at 9am
$300 Patron Membership - includes an all day ticket, and membership to Newsapalooza, Next Generation Newsroom and Center for Media Innovation.
20% off early bird pricing is available on all levels on purchases placed before July 1st.

For more information about accessibility please visit this page.

About Newsapalooza

Newsapalooza is a first-of-its-kind event for Pittsburgh: a celebration of story, journalism, and facts created by the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University. Newsapalooza is an investment in the Pittsburgh story – the people who tell it and the stories they tell. It is also a day to reinvest in Pittsburgh’s story. This event will launch the Next Generation Newsroom, which will fill gaps in local reporting and serve 6 million readers through our 29 regional publishing partners. Today, true stories are challenged across America due to the loss of key storytellers – trained journalists. Nationwide, nearly 60% of those newspaper jobs have been eliminated in the past decade or so. At risk is democracy, informed communities and a shared awareness. For decades, journalists celebrated Pittsburgh at its best and protected it when needed. Now, we need to protect this vital civic function.

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About The Center for Media Innovation

The Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University is a laboratory for figuring out the present and future of local journalism. We, at times, have taken a broader definition of that to (include) the local storytelling, but we narrow the journalism piece of it down.

It serves three main audiences: Young people — college students and high school students who often know the technology but often don’t know the basics of how to do storytelling. We work with them on that, and media literacy is a big piece of that; Professionals: CMI works with journalists, and also public relations (professionals), on how to keep up with the technology; Public: CMI does events that introduce the public to newsmakers and journalists and creates opportunities for them to learn about freedom of information.

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  • NEWSAPALOOZA Presented by Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation

    September 27, 2024 9:00 AM