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Performance Dates
April 24 - May 18, 2025
Highmark Theatre

A Transcendent Experience: Journey from a state of calm to a jubilant cosmic dance party! The extraordinary creatives of the Pittsburgh Playhouse merge talents to produce an innovative new show, ASCEND. This highly stimulating and interactive production is for thrill seeking audiences in search of energizing entertainment.  

A mystical symbolic staff guides an uplifting journey through the four elements of fire, earth, water, and air. This family friendly immersive experience integrates audience participation with dynamic music, live performance, and awe-inspiring 360 – degree visuals. Fire engages the mind with striking visuals, Earth ignites the body with exhilarating drumming, Water consumes the soul with marvelous spectacle, Air rejuvenates the spirit with breathtaking aerial artists. 

  • A staff turns into symbols for the four elements

    April 24 - May 18, 2025