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The Pittsburgh Playhouse has a range of venues to fit your needs. Please note that these rates are estimated figures that do not include labor and certain other amenities and services which may be required. All rates listed here are subject to change without notice. For your specific event, you will work with our Events Manager to ensure we meet all your needs and all prices and rates will be agreed on in advance in a written contract. 

Basic Daily Rental Rates - Venues

  • PNC Theatre (550 Seats): $1300 - $1750
  • Highmark Theatre (Versatile): $900 - $1250
  • Rauh Theatre (Versatile): $500
  • George Rowland White Performance Center: $800
  • Grand Lobby (without theatre rental): $500
  • Terrace: $250
  • Forbes Avenue Plaza: $250
  • Studio: $150 - $225

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